Health and safety

Material topic

Our operations are focused on our people, their safety and wellbeing while mitigating operational risks and maintaining productivity.

Our commitment to safety is clear: safe hands. Good hearts. And clear minds.

FY19 health snapshot:

  • Zero occupational health illness.
  • Revised our employee ‘fitness for work’ periodic health assessments (75 percent complete).
  • We completed over 3,500 ‘fitness for work’ drug and alcohol tests.

FY19 safety snapshot:

  • TRIFR (total recordable injury frequency rate) = 5.0.
  • Three lost time injuries.
  • Over 3,200 hours of risk management training completed.
  • Over 75,000 risk tools used.

People first

We are very proud to have an extremely robust, people-centric and innovative approach to health and safety.

At Bathurst, we work hard to encourage a genuine health and safety mindset throughout our workforce. But what does this mean in practice? Answer: doing everything we can to encourage, improve, and enforce the right behaviours, culture, and processes across every aspect of our operations.

It starts with shared responsibility

We ensure that every one of our mine workers:

  • is always alert to their own safety;
  • focuses on their fitness for work;
  • cares about the health and safety of their colleagues; and
  • watches for potential safety risks at all times.

Constant improvement and independent advice

We continually check to ensure our sites operate in a safe manner – particularly by improving our safety behaviour so incidents or potential incidents can be reported quickly.

As we added three new mines to the Bathurst Group in FY18, this year we have also completely reviewed our health monitoring processes. We engaged an occupational medicine physician to complete the review. As a result of this, revised occupational health monitoring and occupational exposure programmes were successfully rolled out.

Takitimu – a deep dive

In 2018, our Takitimu site began working through the Black Diamond historic underground coal mine. This provided a number of geophysical, technical and personnel challenges – and so we responded accordingly through:

  • Developing bespoke risk-based health and safety procedures and systems.
  • Acquiring the appropriate tools and equipment to make the workplace safer.
  • Improving the health and safety training of our workforce.
  • Embedding and maintaining a high safety standard and positive safety culture.

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve done – but given the nature of our industry, we understand that health and safety will be an ongoing investment for us.”