Stakeholder engagement

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Engagement with stakeholders is critical for the continued success of our Company and licence to operate now and into the future.

With growth comes added responsibility

We now employ over 570 employees, with over 70 percent of our revenue coming from steelmaking customers in FY19 – our business looks very different to how it was five years ago. And as the Bathurst operations continue to expand, we must respond and react accordingly.

No ‘one size fits all’ approach

Our stakeholder engagement framework identifies stakeholders at different levels of New Zealand society and the global community including our employees and contractors; local communities; industry associations; unions; government; NGOs; investors; iwi; customers; suppliers and more.

We understand that as our business expands and changes, we need to find more diverse and inclusive ways to communicate and consult with different groups – from boardrooms to classrooms; from pubs to public servants; and from marae to the media – we’ll continue proactively seeking input and feedback from New Zealanders who have an interest or stake in our business.

Stakeholder engagement

In FY19 we have undertaken stakeholder engagement training for key site and environmental personnel. In FY20 detailed stakeholder engagement plans will be produced and implemented at all sites. This is part of our commitment to have transparent communication with external and internal stakeholders.