Our domestic business

Snapshot – EBITDA* $39.2m


North Island domestic operations – which include BT Mining corporate overheads – contributed $29.0m EBITDA during the year, with the South Island domestic operations contributing $10.2m EBITDA.

Our domestic business remains steady, reflecting the long-term co-operative relationships we have with all our key customers. This is unlikely to change any time soon with no alternative viable energy source in the South Island; and our North Island customers relying on our product to produce steel, as a low-cost energy source, and a necessary supplement to other forms of electricity generation.

Keeping it simple – while working smarter

We have secured access to good domestic reserves and will continue to maximise our domestic revenue from this base. Our long-term, fixed-price contracts will provide stable cash flows.

And we’ll always limit our risk of overcapitalisation by only going into new mine areas if we have a genuine and trusted commercial partnership where the costs are shared.

“We have a diverse, strong, reliable customer base and we serve them very well with a valuable and reliable product.”

*EBITDA noted above for North Island domestic operations is Bathurst’s 65 percent equity share.