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Compliance in the mining sector represents a significant risk to our business. We are continually focused on achieving positive and compliant performance outcomes.

What do we mean by governance?

As a responsible business we are committed to effective management in all areas – which means working to achieve industry best practice in managing the environmental and social impacts of our mining and processing operations.

Environmental compliance and governance

Throughout our mines’ life cycles, we focus on meeting or surpassing environmental regulatory requirements to manage:

  • air emissions;
  • water quality;
  • water consumption;
  • energy use;
  • waste;
  • biodiversity; and
  • land use.

Our corporate environmental governance is based on international standards for environmental management. And our environmental policy and supporting management system applies to all our employees and contractors.

Effective complaint handling

Complaints about environmental issues are recorded via complaints registers that are maintained at all sites. They are investigated via our internal incident investigation system and are only closed off when resolved.

Environmental management systems audit and revision

Gap analysis of our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at all our sites has been undertaken by external consultants and rated against standard ISO 14001: Environmental Management System. This ISO standard has recently been upgraded and hence Bathurst has commissioned this audit to ensure our EMS at all sites is upgraded to support optimum environmental management and performance at our operational sites.

In FY20 we have committed to improving our EMS by:

  • Revising the environmental policy.
  • Developing the Corporate EMS framework.
  • Updating and implementing the Site Environmental Management Plans at all sites.
  • Reviewing existing site environmental risk assessments and related tasks.